Teachers, Coaches & Parents

If you are a student and want to register for the Final Round of the contest, click below for the form:
Colorado Teachers, Math Coaches, and Parents:   This is the place to register to administer the contest and to give us your email address so that you will receive emailed announcements about the contest. If you administered the contest in 2011 or later, then you should already be receiving our emails and you do not need to register each year. If your email address or any other information has changed, please email us at uncmathcontest@gmail.com and tell us what to change. Parents who would like to administer the contest should email or call us first to discuss their situation.  Then they can register here to be on the email list.  Individual students take the contest at school or with a math coach and do not register. This form is for the volunteer teachers, math coaches, and parents who administer the contest. If you are a student whose school has not participated in the contest in the past, then suggest that your math teacher register here. You can also email us at uncmathcontest@gmail.com or call us at (682) 330-3952 to discuss participation.

After clicking the submit button, scroll up to the top of the page to see the message confirming that your information has been received. Google Forms does not send email confirmation, but we will email you, usually within a day or two, when we add your information to our files. If you have difficulty registering, contact  Ricardo Diaz  or Katie Diaz at uncmathcontest@gmail.com or at 682 330 3952.


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