There are many people who enjoy solving problems, posing problems, and talking about math. In particular, there are several groups of students around the state who meet to do this. There may be a math club at your school. If there is not, you may want to start one. You could launch your club by discussing old UNC contest problems. Here are a few links to get you started finding others who like math.

Colorado Math Circle, a group of students that meets in Boulder with Silva Chang: There is also information on this site about summer math programs:

MathCounts, an excellent program for middle schools: If your school does not have a MathCounts program, you start one yourself. You can also just download the materials and use them for a math club of your own. Students in any grade wanting to get started on competition math would do well to begin with MathCounts materials.

The Art of Problem Solving, an interesting site offering challenge problems, books for sale, and online classes for gifted students:

AGMath is another very nice site with lots of resources:

Oscar Levin’s puzzle page: Math Puzzle Wiki

Here is an interesting site:

Need a zero-volume bottle? Searching for a one-sided surface? Want the ultimate in non-orientability? Get an ACME Klein Bottle. Seriously. This is an awesome site:

Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics. Very fun. Silva Chang participated in this program when she was a student, as did one of the UNC contest problem writers. We can promise you this program is lots of fun: 

There are many other fine summer programs in math. Check

Math Competitions in Colorado:

CSU Math Day:

Colorado Math Awards:

LearningGrowingBonding, an article about the contest by contest founder Richard Grassl.

Here are a few books we like:
The Art and Craft of Problem Solving by Paul Zeitz

The Riddle of Scheherazade by Raymond Smullyan

In Code by Sarah Flannery

One of the coauthors of the following is Richard Grassl,  founder of the UNC Math Contest. Download the pdf here: ProblemSolving, or visit

If there is something you think we should add to this page, please email us about it.

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