First Round

The First Round of the UNC Math Contest is complete.

The Final Round is tentatively scheduled for January 24, but we cannot schedule in-person events on campus right now. We will send email to those who register and post on the website when we have details.

Invitation by application. Any student who is not on the list of invitees to the Final Round but who would nevertheless like to attempt the Final Round is welcome to email a short note to  applying to participate. Such applicants should consider carefully the fact that most of the questions on the Final Round are as difficult as the hardest ones on the First Round, and that some are harder.  There is no need for a student to offer evidence that they might do well. All that is requested is a clear statement that they want to participate and that they understand the challenging nature of the Final Round. Applicants will be contacted by e-mail and given additional information regarding the registration process.

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