Final Round 2017

The list of winners of the 25th Annual UNC State Math Contest is below. Congratulations to the top scorers!

Dr. Ming Song has kindly prepared a beautiful set of solutions. Rocke Verser has also generously prepared comments on several of the problems.

UNC Math Contest Final Round Results 2016-2017



Four students successfully counted the number of triangles formed by chords in a circle, Problem 9. Nine students correctly answered the question about the Fibonacci polynomials, Problem 8. There were several very good ways to do that problem. Twelve students named powerless arithmetic sequences, Problem 10. Thirteen students correctly counted the number of factorizations of 4096 into squares and cubes, Problem 11a. One student almost perfectly counted the factorizations of 46,656 into squares and cubes and several more showed reasonable plans for the count.

As always, we have enjoyed looking at the papers. These students do excellent work. We are astonished at what they can accomplish in three hours. We look forward to next year.

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