2017 Final Round Reminders

The 2017 Final Round will be one hour later than it has been in previous years. This year the contest is 1:45-5pm. This is to avoid conflict with the SAT in the morning.

The Final Round is in Greeley this coming Saturday, January 21, 2017 in McKee Lecture Hall, L150-L152. Directions are here.  If you plan to come, please register on the registration tab. It is not too late to petition to come.

As usual, there will be a solutions seminar for families and teachers during the contest. We will discuss the problems. Check here for directions to the seminar.

The contest is pencil and paper only. Do not plan to use a calculator or phone during the contest. There will be clocks visible in the contest room. You may bring snacks, but please do not share with other participants during the contest. Pencils and blank paper will be provided. All you need to bring is your brain. You may leave the contest room when you finish working, but please make your post-contest arrangements with other participants before work begins. After work begins, there should be no more communication between participants inside the contest room.

Writing these contests is a way for us to share with you some of the beauty in mathematics. We hope you enjoy them in this spirit.

We look forward to seeing you in Greeley on Saturday.

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