FINAL ROUND January 26, 2019

The Final Round of the 27th Annual UNC Math Contest was held on the UNC Campus on Saturday, January 26. Results will be posted here as soon as they are ready- usually in a week or two.

Final Round 2019 UNC Math Contest

Final Round 2019 Answers

Final Round 2019 Solutions UNC Math Contest


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The Final Round will be held on Saturday, January 26, 2019 from 12:45-4 pm  

McKee L150-152 on the UNC Campus, in Greeley.

Resources and Activities for parents/supervising adults:

   Solution Seminar- Ross 1060

   Refreshments- Ross 1090, next to the solution seminar room.

While the participants work on the problems in McKee Hall, contest writers discuss the problems in Ross Hall room 1060 with parents, teachers and others who have come with the participants to Greeley.  Those who attend the seminar will be prepared to discuss the contest and answers with their participants after the contest.

Students- If you have not yet registered, please go to the registration form here and enter your information.

Information about parking on campus is here. Lot D is the most convenient and is free on

weekends. This  shows parents a route from

the exam room in McKee, where the students work, to the seminar and refreshment rooms in Ross Hall.



The highest possible score was 100. A total of 1314 students from about 90 different schools participated and 335 were invited to the Final Round. The highest possible score was 100.  Four participants scored 100, two scored 95, and 12 scored 90.  

The table below shows the minimum qualifying scores required for invitation to the Final Round for each grade. Each question was worth 10 points.

Grade                           4       5       6         7         8          9         10        11       12

Qualifying score          25     25     30      30       30        40        40         45       45

Number of qualifiers      1      3      15     51       83        47        46         58       31

Number of participants  1      4      62     270    298     205      179      159      136

Top score                      40   50     65       90       90      100        95        95      100

The next table shows the number of students who answered each of the questions correctly. 

QUESTION      1         2         3         4         5        6         7         8         9        10 a      10 b 


ANSWER         5       130      30        6      102     13pi    B 90   8712    5/42      364      286

NUMBER of   673     288     449     527    147      134    614      283     75         7           7




First Round Results 2018 (Invited to Final Round)

First Round 2018

UNC Mathematics Contest 2018-2019 First Round Solutions Song

First Round 2018 Solutions


The UNC Math Contest is designed to challenge students in grades 7-12, with younger students welcome to try if they have an interest. Thanks to support from the Daniels Fund, the contest is free and open to all K-12 students in Colorado. The contest is administered in schools around the state by volunteer teachers, math coaches, and parents who have registered in advance to receive the contest materials. To register to administer the contest, go to the registration page. If you are a student interested in participating, ask your math teacher about the contest at your school or email us at Click on the tabs above to find copies of old contest questions, solutions, and other information about the contest.


Last year’s Contest

Final 2017-2018 Results- Winners & Honorable Mentions

FINAL ROUND  questions  FINAL ROUND  answers   FINAL ROUND  solutions


Awards Banquet for last year’s contest.


Our presentations were

Dihedral Groups by Hannah Zhang

Recursion by Austen Mazenko

Fire spinning was done by our final round proctor, UNC faculty member Dean Zeller, with the assistance of UNC meteorology student, Emily Ireland. The medallions were made by artist Amy Hayman of Loveland. The Penrose tiles were made by Karen George of Wooden Giraffe.






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