Our presentations were

Dihedral Groups by Hannah Zhang

Recursion by Austen Mazenko

Fire spinning was done by our final round proctor, UNC faculty member Dean Zeller, with the assistance of UNC meteorology student, Emily Ireland. The medallions were made by artist Amy Hayman of Loveland. The Penrose tiles were made by Karen George of Wooden Giraffe.


Winners and Honorable Mentions 2018

Summary of Results, including a table showing the number of students in each grade answering each question correctly.

FINAL ROUND  questions  FINAL ROUND  answers   FINAL ROUND  solutions

Presented by Dr. Ming Song

UNC Mathematics Contest 2017-2018 Final Round Problems with Solutions

********************************************************************************        The UNC Math Contest is designed to challenge students in grades 7-12, with younger students welcome to try if they have an interest. Thanks to support from the Daniels Fund, the contest is free and open to all K-12 students in Colorado. The contest is administered by volunteers who have registered in advance to receive the contest materials. To register to administer the contest, go to the registration page. If you are a student interested in participating, ask your math teacher about the contest at your school or email us at uncmathcontest@gmail.com. Click on the tabs above to find copies of old contest questions, solutions, and other information about the contest.

The next round will be in October 2018.


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