24th Annual UNC Math Contest

The First Round of the 2015-2016 UNC Math Contest will be administered in schools Friday, October 30-Thursday, November 5. Ask your math teacher about participating at your school. If your school is not already participating, then ask a teacher about it or email uncmathcontest@gmail.com.



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Cellular Automata

Here is the presentation Avi gave at the Awards Banquet in April.

Cellular Automata

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People who were at the awards banquet in 2012 may recognize the new Star Wars robot BB8:  He is, of course, the Sphero that inventor ( and former UNC math student ) Adam Wilson shared with us at that banquet. Here are a couple of links.


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Check the Results tab for the 2015 Final Round winners.

Congratulations to everyone who participated.

In the next few days we will email winners information about the Awards Banquet.

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Final Round 2015 Problems and Solutions

Final Round 2015 Problems

Final Round 2015 Solutions

Results will be posted when the papers have been graded.


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Final Round is January 31, 2015 12:45-4:00 pm

Participants- if you have not yet provided your information,  please visit the Registration page. We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday, January 31. Please remind your teachers and family that they are welcome at the Solutions Seminar while you are working the problems.

Participants,  please plan to arrive at 12:45 pm in McKee Lecture Hall L152 on the UNC campus in Greeley. Work on the contest is 1:00-4:00 pm. No electronic devices may be used or visible in the contest room during the contest. Maps and directions are on the Maps page.

Families and teachers are invited to the traditional Solutions Seminar in Ross 0600 while participants work on the contest, 1:00-4:00 pm. Contest writers will discuss the problems and solutions. There will be signs at McKee showing the route to the Seminar room, which is in the adjacent building. The Solution Seminar is in a room one floor below the usual room this year.

Results will be posted online and emailed when they are ready, about ten days after the contest. A general summary is prepared, ranks are assigned to the top 25 papers, and about 25 participants are named Honorable Mention. No individual scores are sent. Participants can check the answers and solutions on the website to gauge how they have done on various problems. Answers and solutions will be posted soon after the contest.


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First Round Results 2014-15

Congratulations to the students who are invited to the Final Round of the 2014-15 UNC Mathematics Contest on January 31, 2015. Check the results page for a summary of the results and a list of those invited.

First Round 2014 Questions

UNC Mathematics Contest 2014-2015 First Round Problems with Solutions

Any student who has not qualified for invitation to the Final Round but who would nevertheless like to attempt the Final Round is welcome to email a short essay to uncmathcontest@gmail.com stating that they would like to participate. Such a student should consider carefully the fact that most of the questions on the Final Round are challenging at the level of the hardest ones on the First Round and that some are harder. However, any essay sent will get read, and consideration will be given to extending an invitation. There is no need for a student to offer evidence that they might do well. All that is requested is a clear statement that they want to participate and that they understand the challenging nature of the Final Round.


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