April 5, 2014 Generating Functions

Jesse Zhang gave a presentation on generating functions at the Awards Banquet today. Here are the slides from the presentation: Generating_Functions_Presentation

Check back in a day or two for photos from the Banquet.

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Final Round Results

Results for the final round are posted on the results page.

There are also some photos from the Final Round and from the Solutions Seminar. Check out parents and teachers tackling the questions!

Here are the Final Round 2014 Questions and Final Round 2014 Solutions.

An interesting reference: Evil Twin. If you have trouble reading it, please feel free to email us with questions. uncmathcontest@gmail.com.


If you are on the list of winners, tell us exactly how you want your name on your award and request your contest t-shirt asap.

Tell us who is coming to the banquet and make meal choices by March 26. This deadline is real. The caterer needs to buy food and the contest will be charged for the number of meals we request when we report to the catering office on March 27.

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First Round Results 2013-14

The first round was held in schools November 4-7.

There were 2130 participants. There were six perfect scores.

Summary of First Round Results 2013-14

Here is a list of students who are   Invited to the Final Round 2013-14

First Round 2013-14 With Solutions

Any student who has not qualified for invitation to the Final Round but who would nevertheless like to attempt the Final Round is welcome to email a short essay to uncmathcontest@gmail.com stating that they would like to participate. Such a student should consider carefully the fact that most of the questions on the Final Round are challenging at the level of the hardest ones on the First Round and that some are harder. However, any essay sent will get read, and consideration will be given to extending an invitation. There is no need for a student to offer evidence that they might do well. All that is requested is a clear statement that they want to participate and that they understand the challenging nature of the Final Round. 

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New Scans of the Older Contests

Some of the questions on the archived scans of the older contests were obscured by dark lines. We have posted new, cleaner scans on the Problems & Solutions page.


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